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Clarifying Brand Identities

For DSL Webservices, we’ve introduced a fresh brand identity. However, is this merely synonymous with a logo design? The answer is straightforward: no.

A brand-new brand identity

First things first. By our collaboration with DSL Webservices, we’ve produced digital products that helped our clients’ businesses or organizations. While DSL excels in crafting exceptional websites, our own passion lies in designing visually captivating solutions. This synergy results in a smooth integration of graphic and technological elements which lead to digital products that truly work as it should and which also resonate with the identity of their business. Anyhow, formerly known as Design Studio Louise, DSL Webservices asked us to rebrand their company to better reflect its core focus: to support businesses or organizations to reach their goals online. You can explore the project right here. We took the chance here to tackle a common misconception about brand identities. Because it is simply not the same as a logo design.

What is a brand identity?

Let’s address the elephant in the room – a brand identity extends far beyond a mere logo. While creating a brand logo is undeniably exciting, a comprehensive brand identity encompasses much more. It involves delving into the essence of the brand, understanding its market positioning, identifying its unique selling points, and defining its story, values, vision, mission, and purpose. It’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with consumers and embodies the brand’s core ethos. Thus, while the design of a brand logo is a crucial aspect, it’s just one component of a broader brand identity strategy. Every decision made during the design process is methodically considered to ensure alignment with the brand’s identity and objectives.

Are brand identities significant?

There are numerous sources that hold differing notions of what constitutes as a brand identity. We believe that brand identities serve as the cornerstone of a company’s reputation and influence how consumers perceive and interact with the brand. A well-crafted brand identity not only communicates the company’s values and personality but also creates an emotional connection with its target audience. Through consistent messaging and visual elements, brands can differentiate themselves in crowded markets, establish credibility, and cultivate brand loyalty. Moreover, a strong brand identity can transcend product offerings, enabling companies to expand into new markets and diversify their offerings while maintaining a cohesive brand image. For virtually every major company or organization you can imagine, the success of their products or services hinges on an impeccable brand identity.

Understanding the Brand

To develop a brand identity, we initially start with research and discovery. We immerse ourselves in the company’s industry, analyze its competitors, and ascertain its unique value proposition. Our goal is to encapsulate the essence of the company and emphasize its distinctive attributes in the brand identity. Thus, in our client’s case, DSL Webservices isn’t just another web development company. They transcend conventional boundaries by not only creating websites but also actively seeking digital solutions for businesses and organizations which help them to achieve their objectives—without promising the moon. So, rather than merely providing a service, they engage in strategic thinking to tailor digital solutions that align with the unique goals of their clients. Coming down to their new brand identity, this deep understanding serves as the foundation upon which we conceptualize the brand logo. Taking a closer look at DSL Webservices’ new logo, it embodies associations with the tech market, enabling, growth, modernization, and trustworthiness. With this in mind, the brand identity of DSL Webservices should communicate that they are there to ‘launch’ your businesses into the digital orbit.

Consistency is key

Consistency is crucial in upholding a brand identity. Beyond the initial design phase, it’s crucial to ensure that every touchpoint – from website visuals to marketing materials – remains aligned with the established brand identity. This consistency fosters brand recognition and builds trust among their clients and partners. Moreover, a robust brand identity is not static; it should be dynamic and adaptable to evolving market trends and consumer preferences. As such, periodic evaluations and adjustments may be necessary to keep the brand relevant and engaging.

In short

A brand identity is not merely a visual representation, but a holistic expression of a company’s values, aspirations, and promises. By crafting a well-defined brand identity, we lay the groundwork for creating compelling brand experiences that resonate with audiences and drive success.

Nick Catron van Haaster
Brand Designer

Note: Currently you can check out DSL Webservices’ brand identity on our projects page. The new website is currently developed as we speak.


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