Visual Identities

Collaboration logo for JZ Service & Maré B.

Collaboration logo for JZ Service & Maré B.​

Client: Maré Branderservice & JZ Service
Project: Collaboration Logo
Designer: Nick
Year: 2023
Medium: Brand identity, print

Collaboration logo

Maré Branderservice and JZ Service joined forces to create a collaborative logo that symbolizes the foundational essence of their businesses. Both companies are deeply involved in the daily maintenance of gas-fired systems, including central heaters, fan-assisted burners, and even industrial combustion units. Both companies also conduct inspections on fuel lines. Safety is the top priority in their line of work, not only ensuring the safety of the equipment they service but also the well-being of the end-users. They punctiliously inspect safety measures to prevent gas leaks, make sure pressures are correct, and inspect if gas-fired installations are properly installed and meet all standards and regulations. Additionally, well-maintained installations lead to economic efficiency, maximizing returns on each cubic meter of gas. These systems are also rigorously assessed for emissions and proper combustion, thus minimizing their impact on the environment.

While both companies, Maré and JZ operate independently, they collaborate seamlessly, sharing a common set of core values or ‘one vision,’ all while maintaining their own businesses and unique perspectives, or having ‘two minds’.
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