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Website for JZ Service

Website for JZ Service

Client: JZ Service & Inspecties
Project: Website
Designer: Nick & Louise
Year: 2024
Medium: Website

About the client

JZ Service & Inspecties is a company which is specialized in inspection and maintenance of oil and gas burners in the Netherlands. The owner of this sole proprietorship has been active in this branch for more than 30 years, which is an achievement we can only learn from. The company took a big step recently, by focusing on online media to stay in touch with their clients, gather more leads, provide basic information about maintenance and inspections and to provide clients with a stress-free digital quotation form.

The goal of this website

JZ Service requested us to produce a website to give the company a face online. For JZ Service it is important to show their clients what services they provide, how they can get in touch with JZ and an easy way to get an online quotation.

Getting the job done with DSL Webservices

Without the shadow of doubt, we wanted to work with DSL Webservices. DSL is our partner when it comes down to digital products. They have a great portfolio, and their websites are just perfect for SMEs and large organizations. Why, might you ask? DSL Webservices does not simply develop a website but thinks along with the client about how to achieve their goals. They look at the bigger picture. From DSL’s point of view, a website is a means to an end, rather than a goal on its own. By thinking strategically and being upfront about it, we can truly reach our goals together with DSL, without promising the moon. DSL is an exceptionally no-nonsense company—just the way we like it.

Content is king

We believe that for every professional business a regular ‘welcome-to-our-website’ is not enough. In today’s crowded market, you need to have a clear USP (unique selling point), a specific marketing strategy, and a digital product as the spearhead to get things done. ‘Content is king’—a repeatedly used proverb but accurate enough. So, together with DSL webservices, we provide a continuous service to JZ Service. This means a monthly update, continuous technical support, and periodically providing new content.
Custom illustrations for the JZ Service website.
Infographic for the JZ Service website.

Some work to do

We started with a basic web design based on the previous website. So, most stuff was still in the same place. We also updated the styleguide to upgrade the brand identity of JZ Service & Inspecties. Together with DSL Webservices we made a website that has it all; We wrote and edited new content, designed new digital illustrations, arranged a professional photoshoot with Yuriko Nakao, a professional photographer, and created a short video which show basic day to day maintenance and inspection work. We even created an infographic, which enlightens the obligations of periodical maintenance and inspection. The website also goes in great depth about safety and tips for their clients to create a safer work environment for JZ Service and their clients.

We cannot stress enough that this website is the result of a beautiful synergy between Visual Identities and DSL Webservices.

Feel free to take a look at the website yourself:
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